Delegates from around the world travelled to Birmingham in June this year for the inaugural International Working Conference on Applied Industrial Symbiosis (IWCAIS 2012). 

The three day conference was attended by leading businesses, policy makers and industrial symbiosis advocates from five continents and proved a resounding success.  

The aim of IWCAIS 2012 was to bring together experts in the field of Applied Industrial Symbiosis to work alongside experts in climate change & energy securityeco-innovation & green growth, material security and regional economic development to identify where and how industrial symbiosis could be used as a useful and relevant tool in driving forward the challenges in each of the four theme areas.   

Following three days of intense debate alongside key presentations from organisations such as the Committee On Climate Change, DG Enterprise & Industry, KIKOX and McKinsey & Company, delegates identified a number of key recommendations for each theme.  A summary of these recommendations will be published in the document section of this website by the end of June 2012.  

No less than five delegates are now on their way to Rio+20 to share the outcomes of IWCAIS 2012 and secure additional support to drive forward the recommendations.  

In addition to developing practical ways in which to apply Industrial Symbiosis to critical global issues, IWCAIS 2012 has helped to develop a unique global network of Industrial Symbiosis practitioners and supporters to share knowledge, expertise and experience in order to further embed Industrial Symbiosis at the heart of sustainable economic development and future green growth.

IWCAIS 2012 is a Carbon Neutral Conference*

 * This has been achieved in a novel way through the implementation of an industrial symbiosis synergy project with Betts Envirometal and Birmingham University (more information to follow).